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Ian Richardson Enjoys Swiss Mark Hospitality

Posted on 09/10/2018 by denovan wilson

During a recent visit to Lugano in Switzerland, Ian Richardson of Cestria Mark Lodge No 1151, had an unexpected opportunity to attend a meeting of The Grand Mark Lodge of Switzerland, held in the Hotel de la Paix on Saturday 22nd September.

He was in  Lugano to participate in a Consecration in the Order of the Secret Monitor and also in one in the Order of the Scarlet Cord. He was cordially invited by MW Bro. Herve L. Richard, Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Mark Master Masons of Switzerland to attend their Grand Mark Meeting.  In attendance was a deputation of Grand Mark Lodge members, led by RW Bro Ryan Williams, Grand Secretary.  Many Brethren processed into Grand Mark Lodge from numerous overseas Grand Lodges such as Greece, Gabon and Ivory Coast.  Ian entered with the final group, leading it as the most junior ranking brother.

Having taken his seat, Ian enjoyed what he described as an exceptional experience in witnessing a ceremony being conducted in English, Italian, French and he though he detected a little German. 

Following the closing of the Grand Mark Lodge of Switzerland there was Banquet at which everyone enjoyed a superb meal and wonderful company.  

On Friday 21st, which was Ian's birthday, the Deputation went out for an Italian Meal just around the corner from of their Hotel. Much to his surprise, he was served a with a sweet, out of which protruded a candle, whereupon The Grand Mark Lodge Male Voice Choir broke out in fine voice with a rendition of "Happy Birthday."

Ian is pictures relaxing during his busy visit. He enthusiastically describes his experience in Switzerland as a fine example of Mark Masonry at its very best. 

We thank Ian for this news item and extend warm Birthday Wishes to him.

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